Are you struggling with achieving your desired skincare goals?

Are you unsure of what services to choose from a long list of options?

If yes, then you’re in the right place.

At Taylor Drive Facial Aesthetics, we understand that every individual has unique skin needs and concerns, and that’s why we offer personalized mini-facial consultations to help you achieve your specific skincare goals.

During your 15-minute mini-facial, our professional skincare team will provide a thorough cleaning, gentle exfoliation, and steam to your skin. This will help us understand your skin type and any underlying issues. As we proceed with the mini-facial, we will discuss your skincare concerns in detail.

We want to ensure that we leave no stone unturned, which is why you’ll get a personal consult with both our experienced aesthetician and qualified doctor.

They will evaluate your skin and recommend tailored solutions that will work best for you. We will create an actionable plan that will guide you to achieve your skincare goals in a gentle, effective, and natural way.

At the end of the mini-facial consultation, you’ll have a clear understanding of your skin’s needs and what you need to do to achieve your desired results. Our team will also recommend the right products and services that will work best for you.

Book your 15-minute mini-facial and consultation with us today and take the first step towards achieving beautiful, healthy, and radiant skin!

With your facial and consultation you will receive:

Mini-Facial + Consult $45 15-minutes

  • A cleansing/exfoliating of your skin under steam
  • A consultation with both our Aesthetician and Dr. Elliot about which treatments are best for you and your skincare goals.
  • A relaxing, friendly and informative consultation
**Upgrade to a custom facial and receive a fully-personalized treatment that will leave you renewed, refreshed and glowing!

Consultation and Custom Facial $150 – 45 mins

You will still get the full consultation and get all of your questions answered, but leave with a full medical- grade facial treatment as well! Your skin will thank you ♥️️

Our mission is to unlock and reveal your natural radiance and confident beauty.

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